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  • Departure day: Daily
  • Time: 1 day 0 nights
  • Departure point: Da Nang - Vietnam
  • Destination: Hoi An - Quang Nam
  • Vehicle: Car

Hoi An Tour departs from Danang, bringing tourists to explore Ngu Hanh Son scenery, visit the Amphitheater, the pagoda and see the sunset on Ngu Hanh. Learn about Non Nuoc stone trade village, admire the works created by talented craftsmen of skilled craftsmen.

Coming to the ancient town of Hoi An, tourists will be able to visit the old quarter with hundreds of years of unique architecture such as bridge pagoda on the Hoai River square, blending in the street with brilliant lanterns, or Join the festivities to drop the lights of luck and peace, enjoy ca tru tunes, experience the specialties of Hoi An and many other attractions in the old town.

15h30 - 15h45: Car and HDV welcome guests at the hotel and rendezvous in Da Nang, depart to visit Non Nuoc - Ngu Hanh Son.

16h00: The delegation present at Ngu Hanh Son, visit the Amphi Temple - Linh Ung Pagoda, romantic scenery of the pagoda, watch the royal on the peak Ngu Hanh Son, visit the stone village with hundreds of handicrafts, find. understand the process of manipulation from the artisans.

17h00: By car Ngu Hanh Son, visitors to the car to visit the ancient town of Hoi An, dinner in Hoi An ancient town with many special dishes such as Hoi An chicken rice, noodles, high floor, wonton and many street food is very attractive.

19h00: After dinner and rest, the delegation began to visit and explore the ancient town of Hoi An at night. Arrive in crowded crowds, in the streets with lantern spirals, with flowers nostalgic flowers, with ancient architecture covered by moss of time.

Here visitors discover many famous sites such as Bridge Pagoda, Hoai River, listen to ca tru tunes of Hoi An's cultural specialties, or float down the romantic Hoai River.

20h30: Good bye to Hoi An, transfer to hotel in Da Nang.

21h00: Arrive Da Nang car pick up the original pick, goodbye and see you again.

Include: Passenger car, HDV, mineral water, visit tickets, Hoi An specialty food, travel insurance

Excluding: 10% VAT (the receipt of the invoice), Expenses incurred outside the program

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